Renee is an actor and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. She began her acting training at Melbourne Actor’s Lab under the mentorship of Peter Kalos. She has since continued to develop her skills at Peter Sardi’s School of Acting, as well as with Jeff Seymour. Renee has starred in multiple short films and theatre productions.
Renee is currently undertaking the bachelor of Film & Television at Swinburne University. She has now ventured into the second year of her degree, where she will continue to develop her skills in Filmmaking. She is most interested in the areas of production design, writing and directing. Renee has directed and freelanced as a production designer on multiple short films, both student & independent.



Behind the camera

‘Unholy Matrimony’ (Fashion Film , Nadia Mueller) - Production Designer 

‘Killer In The Woods’ (Short Film, Dir. Jack Voegt) - 1st Assistant Camera 

‘Here’s The Thing’ (Music Video - Egosim) - 1st Assistant Camera 

‘Deuzy Vibe’ (Music Video - The Regime)  - PA/Runner  

Nursery’ (Short Film, Dir. Max Pollard) - Production Assitant

‘The Cutting Room’ (Short Film, Dir. Bridget Webster) - Art Dept. Assistant

‘Fluffy Dice’ (Music Video - DoloRRes) - Director

‘I Can’t Be Happy all the Time’ (Music Video - Tones and I) - Art Dept. Assistant

In front of the camera 

‘My Foolish Heart’ (Feature Film, Dir. Finnian Griffin) - Dora 


Behind the camera 

‘I am Awake Always’ (Short Film, Dir. Nyssa Mitchell) - Art Dept. Assistant

‘And Behold’ (Short Film, Dir. James Gorter) - Production Assistant 

‘808’ (Short Film, Dir. Athina Wilson) - Art Director

‘Plastic Dreams’ (Short Film, Dir. Pablo Wilcox) - Production Designer

‘Sette Bello’ (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Producer

‘Boo!’ (Pilot, Dir. Gabrielle Reiher) - 1st AD     

‘Real Thing’ (Music Video - Ruel) - Art Dept. Assistant

‘Imaginary Boys’ (Music Video - BOi) - Art Dept. Assistant

In front of the camera 

‘Paper’ (Short Film, Dir. Sabrina Hua) - Arden 

Features & Interviews 

‘Music Video: Fluffy Dice’ / Interview with DoloRRes and Renee Kypriotis 

Peter Kalos on ‘The Lonesome West’ and the not-so-lucky south 

Selected Works 

Wild One: DOLORRES - Fluffy Dice (Rage ABC)

Sydney Road Film Festival (WINNER - Music Video Selection) - Fluffy Dice 

‘Sette Bello’ - Lift-Off Sessions Official Selection (March, 2020)

2021 City Of Melbourne Developmental Arts Grant Recipient for the film ‘Conte’ (Coming 2022)