Behind the camera
‘Friend’ (Music Video - Maple Glider) - Production Designer and Stylist
‘Jude’ (Short Film, Dir. Lela Turner) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘House of Tomorrow’ (Short Film, Dir. Maxine Zanoni) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘Armeture’ (Short Film, Dir. Riley Nimbs) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘The Mulberry Tree’ (Short Film, Dir. Evie Parks) - Production Designer
‘In Halves’ (Short Film, Dir. Tim Williams) - Production Designer and Stylist
‘Saudade’ (Short Film, Dir. Lucien Perry) - Production Designer
‘Even the Dinosaurs Were Young’ (Short Film, Dir. Ivy Crago & Meg Taranto) - Production Designer and Stylist
‘The Kids on Murphy Street’ (Short Film, Dir. Alistair Green) - 1st Assitant Camera
‘PET’ (Short Film, Dir. Ptolemy Culvenor) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘Housebroken’ (Short Film, Dir. Miri Wilson) - 2nd Assistant Camera
‘ICYY’ (Music Video - Pania) - Production Designer and Stylist
‘Cindy’ (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Editor

In front of the camera
‘Sex and Tourettes’ (Short Film, Dir. Lachy Townsend-Booth) - Grace

Behind the camera
‘Unsatiated’ (Music Video - Boler Mani) - Production Designer
‘Iceberg’ (Short Documentary, Dir. Bella Svojtka) - Producer
‘Stop Talking’ (Music Video - Luke Medley) - Prouction Designer and Stylist  
‘The Carpenters 1981 Christmas Special’ (Short Film, Dir. Aaron Warwick) - 1st Assistant Director
‘Heelys’ (Music Video - DoloRRes) - Producer
‘Unholy Matrimony’ (Fashion Film, Dir. Ari KC for Nadia Mueller) - Production Designer
‘Killer In The Woods’ (Short Film, Dir. Jack Voegt) - 1st Assistant Camera
‘Here’s The Thing’ (Music Video - Egosim) - 1st Assistant Camera
‘Deuzy Vibe’ (Music Video - The Regime)  - PA/Runner 
Nursery’ (Short Film, Dir. Max Pollard) - Production Assitant
‘The Cutting Room’ (Short Film, Dir. Bridget Webster) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘Fluffy Dice’ (Music Video - DoloRRes) - Director
‘I Can’t Be Happy all the Time’ (Music Video - Tones and I) - Art Dept. Assistant

In front of the camera
‘My Foolish Heart’ (Feature Film, Dir. Finnian Griffin) - Dora

Behind the camera
‘I am Awake Always’ (Short Film, Dir. Nyssa Mitchell) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘And Behold’ (Short Film, Dir. James Gorter) - Production Assistant
‘808’ (Short Film, Dir. Athina Wilson) - Art Director
‘Plastic Dreams’ (Short Film, Dir. Pablo Wilcox) - Production Designer
‘Sette Bello’ (Short Film) - Director/Writer/Producer
‘Boo!’ (Pilot, Dir. Gabrielle Reiher) - 1st AD    
‘Real Thing’ (Music Video - Ruel) - Art Dept. Assistant
‘Imaginary Boys’ (Music Video - BOi) - Art Dept. Assistant

In front of the camera
‘Paper’ (Short Film, Dir. Sabrina Hua) - Arden

Features & Interviews
‘Music Video: Fluffy Dice’ / Interview with DoloRRes and Renee Kypriotis - VERVE Zine 
Peter Kalos on ‘The Lonesome West’ and the not-so-lucky south - Neos Cosmos 

Selected Works
Wild One: DOLORRES - Fluffy Dice (Rage ABC)
Sydney Road Film Festival (WINNER - Music Video Selection) - Fluffy Dice
‘Sette Bello’ - Lift-Off Sessions Official Selection (March, 2020)
2021 City Of Melbourne Developmental Arts Grant Recipient for the film ‘Conte’ (Coming 2022)